Monday, December 31, 2012

A Friar Worthy Breakfast: Brother Juniper's Memphis

“The wait is an hour and a half,” spoken briskly by the hostess at a small breakfast joint will usually illicit apologies and a wave farewell, but at Brother Juniper's, even the most impatient patron will grab a cup of coffee and wait for their turn to devour the piping hot, utterly delicious breakfast.

Peruse the art lining Brother Juniper's walls and perhaps, purchase a piece for your own collection
Hearing your named called can result in audible thrill, as you maneuver your way through the crowded front room to a table in their humble dining room. The menu, a brochure of mouthwatering breakfast classics, and options for the more adventurous and health-conscious eaters, holds scrumptious promise that is only outdone by the reality of these masterful plates of comfort.

The breakfast bar at Brother Juniper's
Take a page out of Rachel Ray’s book, Best Eats in Town on $40 a Day, and go straight for the San Diegan, a piece of gustatory art in the form of an open face omelet. Promises of pleasure abound from the fluffy eggs, smothered in sour cream, sautéed tomatoes, green onions, and portabellas, topped with bacon, home fries, and a variety of cheeses, including tangy feta that is generously sprinkled atop the mountain of ingredients.

Don’t be surprised if you find it hard to choose where your fork should go next; the cheese grits and fluffy biscuit served at its side put up quite the fight for the spotlight on your table.

Wonderful Cheese Grits live up to their name
An always fluffy biscuit, perfect with their freshly-made preserves
Blue Raspberry Jam

This Memphis staple feeds all the hungry Tigers in its University of Memphis setting, plus the occasional Grizzly (Jerryd Bayless also braved the wait for his breakfast). It is a wonderful start to any morning, though it may make you want to crawl back into bed to recover from throes of delight.  

The San Diegan in its deconstructed glory 
Sadness abounds when the omelet is almost gone

Do yourself a favor, and make plans to visit Brother Juniper's in 2013; increasing the quality of your breakfast next year is a worthy resolution, Memphians!

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