Friday, December 7, 2012

Making It Through Finals Calls for Taco Bus + Beer

I know what you’re thinking, Tampa doesn’t need another stinkin’ Taco Bus review. Well, this is America! What is life without wants? And you know you want to see what I have to say about their succulent, affordable tacos. (I don’t care if you don’t, I need to do some creative writing to save my soul!)

Here’s the spin: I’m not going to your favorite, authentic flagship taco bus stop. Why? One word, a million invisible exclamation points: BOOZE! That’s right, finals week is over, and it’s time to buy yourself a drink, you sexy intellectual, and a taco. Ole!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had the famous, straight-out-of-the-bus tacos, and they were delicious, so we’ll consider this a comparison to see how the Downtown location (505 N. Franklin St.) measures up against its flagship, motorized elder.

Ashley, my post finals accomplice, and I made our way downtown, and after avoiding some particularly shady characters in the park, we arrived at the very dead Taco Bus (it was 5:00… late lunch, early dinner, I’m not sure).  However, we weren’t there to socialize, we were there to eat, and eat we did.

We ordered two tacos each, one Conchinita Pibil and one Pescado. The 5,000 year old Mayan recipe for the pork filling, and the Guaymas flare of the beer battered swai fish were calling to us! We got all the toppings + cheese because nos gusta queso (muy bien, si?) 

The promised greatness of the conchinita was trumped by the crispy and flavorful fish taco (this is not the case at the flagship location, where the age-old recipe knocks your socks off). This could be for a number of reasons, so let's just focus on the amazing taco pescado. The fish was crisp on the outside and flaky on the inside, and with the addition of Taco Bus salsa and a squeeze of fresh lime, it was magnificent! It tasted the way I imagine freshness taste, with the vibrant pico de gallo and delectable fish, matched well with the fresh acidity of the lime. Add the awesomeness that is pickled red onion, and I was blissfully happy!

Had my hard work not called for a beer, I would probably stick to the flagship location, if not for a more pleasing conchinita recipe and the uniqueness of the experience! However, if you need a beer as much as I did, Taco Bus Downtown is a great alternative! Order the Pescado, thank me later! 

No, that's not a spray tan gone wrong, that's the vibrant glow from the Taco Bus walls!
Thanks for reading! Get over to taco bus and get yourself a taco, friends!

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  1. I LOVE that fish taco too....and I agree, the Hillsborough location is definitely the way to go :) Cute review and congrats on being finished with finals!!!! Let's please link up soon. There is a cool event going on in Hyde Park Village Wednesday night- food truck and wine pairing with a famous Time magazine food columnist. We should meet up!!

  2. Yes, so delicious! I am leaving for home either Wednesday or Thursday, but I'm thinking this will be the perfect reason to delay that drive an extra day (I am not looking forward to a 13 hour drive). Let's plan on meeting up at this event! I will be there and looking forward to a chance to finally get together, ha! It's ben a struggle! I'm going to FB you my number!

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