Friday, March 8, 2013

The Science Fair Just Got A Lot Tastier: Edison Food + Drink Lab

Everything about Edison: Food + Drink Lab screams restaurant genius. The comfortably rustic, but chic décor, the dishes flying past you that resemble art more than food, and the fact that even without a liquor license, this place is booked past 10 pm on a Saturday night. Edison hits a high note for me for ambiance, service, and of course, the highest note of all, flavor. The food at this restaurant is more like edible art. Each tasty display is perfection, leaving the kitchen only when it’s at its peak in presentation. Chef Pierola is calling the shots here, and from the looks of the plates that hit our table, she has very high standards. Each hand in the kitchen is working towards the greater goal of the ultimate performance of flavor that will soon take place of each of our tongues. As I overhear Chef motivate her team from the open kitchen, I am sure that I am about to have an incredible meal.
The food would, in any other setting, seem intimidating, but here, I feel confident ordering from their seasonal menu, where there are always has a few things I can’t pronounce, or that are new to me, which I excitedly Google from the table. It’s a learning experience, even for a seasoned foodie.

We start with the popular goat cheese truffles: a date wrapped in goat cheese and covered in fennel pollen, sitting pleasantly among micro greens, cold pieces of ‘shattered’ citrus, and a beautiful tangerine chocolate glaze. The glaze perfectly compliments the goat cheese without outshining it. But hey, who can compete with goat cheese anyways?
Well, the avocado leaf seared tuna can: deep red tuna, seared with great care, served with a yummy green mango salad, aji amarillo sorbet, and tamarind crunch. I have been dreaming about this dish since it first came into my world. The textures and flavors were so perfectly matched, making for the perfect bite, one after the other.
 I never wanted the tuna dish to end, but the show must go on, and what better way to continue than with crispy pork belly: crispy slabs of pork goodness sit amongst sautéed brussel sprouts and a flavorful lentil side. Two colorful sauces wind around the plate like meandering rivers of flavor, leading to a delicious pond of pureed apple. 
 For a bowl of liquid perfection, have the Curry Mussel Soup: spicy, comforting broth filled with freshly steamed mussels, accented with wonderfully light coconut foam.
 For the steak lover, head for the Kobe Culotte entrée: insanely tasty and tender Kobe, served with potatoes roasted in duck fat, trumpeter mushrooms, and sautéed rainbow chard.
For those of you who prefer to nibble on our feathered friends, have the Duck Breast entrée: tender pieces of breast meat with a thin layer of delicious fat. A side of cauliflower and raisins on top of a sweet root vegetable puree & potatoes and green beans played a beautiful supporting role to the dish.
 By now, you have been adequately seduced, and are probably making a reservation (make sure to do this). For those of you I haven’t hooked just yet, there is still dessert, and it was definitely the firework show at the end of a stunning celebration of food.

Derren and I have a hard time choosing when we go out to eat, so we usually just resort to ordering everything. Hence, the TWO desserts I will present to you now. First, the apple and parsnip cobbler (don’t hold me to the name, by now I’m a few bold glasses of wine deep): This dessert reminded me of the best bread pudding I have ever had… it was perfection. The two flavors play so well off of each other and the candied walnuts added the perfect crunch to the soft, beckoning dish.
 I think you can probably guess who ordered the dark chocolate tart: a generous slab of lush dark chocolate, paired with coconut ice cream, frozen bananas, and a double dog espresso rum sauce. I am in love. We are thinking a spring wedding…

Altogether, this was a beautifully executed meal. Derren and I enjoyed every minute of our dinner splurge, and each bite was worth it. Not only were we treated to a meal for our stomachs, but a beautiful art show for our eyes. Chef Pierola has found her canvas, and I am so happy to have had the chance to devour the fruits of her labor. I cannot wait until my next Edison experience. I encourage you to make this your next dinner destination. 

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  1. LOVE this place...I have been twice and desperately need to write a review...but must go back before doing so (it's been like 6 mos since my last good). Let's get a group together and go soon please! Those goat cheese truffles are amazing. You sold me on everything else I haven't tried though..the Curry Mussels soup..NEED. The Crispy pork belly..omg. The Duck...WANT. I must say, it looks like you did quite he job showing your beau around Tampa's culinary scene. Berns and Edison...two stellar choices!

    1. Isn't it the best? Man, I am still having full conversations with people just about the avocado leaf tuna dish. It was amazing. And, of course, what kind of foodies would we be if we didn't order anything goat cheese or pork belly related, ha! I wholeheartedly agree, we have got to get a dinner group together to help you revisit this place. Consider me on board! Text me soon, and we'll plan something.