Friday, April 5, 2013

Dough Set to Open Monday, April 8th: Massive Sugar Coma Outbreak Expected

Photos courtesy of Dough's Facebook page

It’s seems like everything Datz touches turns to gold. You give them bacon; they give you a bacon bloody mary. You give them meatloaf; they stuff it with macaroni and cheese. You give them the next-door bakery with ample parking space; they give you a quirky, dream-like bistro with sky a ceiling, dark wood bookshelves filled with artisanal products (one of which happens to be a personal favorite: banana nut bread beer), ornate gold décor, and a pastry case that will convert any newcomer into a devotee. Not to mention a menu of hot, ready to go savory items that will infuse so much happiness into your morning, your coworkers will wonder if you got a prescription to Prozac. Honestly, with the decoration alone, they could market the bakery as a cure for writers block, all the whimsical inspiration melting off of each wall. 

Datz owners, Roger and Suzanne Perry, envision the bakery playing multiple roles, whether it’s the morning stop for coffee, the quick lunch break, the leisurely latte and nibble, the afterschool snack, or the post-dinner sweet spot (would you like some booze with your opera cake?). At any time of day, its a spot where you can treat yourself to the usual suspects, like William Dean chocolate or some house-made gelato, or some beautiful newcomers, i.e. pastry that will seduce you into eating every last bite. It’s not all about the beauty though, it’s also about the flavor, and you can trust that Dough will provide the same platform for unique and gluttonous genius that Datz fills next door. Try a Bacon or Nutella Latte; maybe an egg and bacon donut. Or perhaps a scoop of peanut butter sriracha gelato to cool and excite your palate, all at once.

I’m sure I’ve convinced you all, but I think some photographs might really drive the point home. May I introduce, my dinner last night:

A wonderful Nutella latte: an ingenious method of smearing a generous layer of nutella all around the jumbo-sized mug, and then pouring their own custom Kahwa blend (St. Petersburg).
Little nibbles of beautiful smoked salmon on small croquettes, just one relic of the 300 loaves baked each week to support the sandwiches at Datz, provided a savory bite. The fresh salmon pairs beautifully with their house-made crème fraiche with lemon and dill. This little piece of perfection speaks volumes for the quality of the savory items that will be gracing the menu here at Dough.

Scoops of gelato were handed out gratuitously, and I fell for each flavor combination. The two favorites for me were the peanut butter sriracha, whose sweet heat stuck in the back of my throat, and the coconut basil (pictured).

Finally, this wouldn’t be a trip to Dough without some donuts… and a sticky bun. Sticky buns are one of my favorite breakfast pastries, and I am happy to report that Dough does the sticky bun VERY well. I also tried a macadamia nut cake donut and a caramel curry donut. Yum!
Dough officially opens this upcoming Monday, April 8th at 7 AM. In honor of their first day of business, they are hosting a Golden Whoopie pie contest. It’s easy, be one of the first 50 people present at 10 AM and you’ll receive a Whoopie Pie; then, on the count of the owners, everyone will take a bite. The lucky guests with the whoopie pie that oozes delicious yellow cream will win a $500 gift card to Dough… WHAT! All the whoopie pies are mine! (insert evil laugh)

If you don't win, don't worry, Dough's opening celebrations don't stop there. Sunday, April 21st at 7:00pm Dough is hosting their grand opening event in their newly finished special event space, The Copper Room, which will feature their savory items, delicious pastries and desserts, and of course, some boozy goodness, all to benefit the Children's Cancer Center in Tampa. A wonderful opportunity to help Dough raise some dough for a worthy cause (if only I had coined that phrase).

Near or far, make your way over to South MacDill to try this lovely new addition to Roger and Suzanne Perry’s wonderful list of culinary accomplishments. It is truly a blessing to have them in our food community, so show your support with lots of delicious donuts. If I don’t convince you, the lattes, donuts, pastries, gelato, savory items, and ambiance will certainly make you a believer.
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  1. Beautiful post! Now I am sitting here at work craving all of their decadent pastries....hmm. Maybe I can sneak out and go get one! :)

  2. Omg...I need that salmon croquette! Also...your first paragraph was pretty freaking amazing...and your reference to Prozac...amazing! Too funny...