Monday, July 8, 2013

Dishcrawl + Downtown Tampa = Delicious Well-Traveled Food Baby

I won’t crawl for much… dropped a contact on the floor? Sure, I’ll crawl around and help you out. Practicing your one-meow part in the theatrical production of Cats? Okay, I’ll get on the floor with you and help you master your best feline moves. And then there’s food. I’ll crawl for food. And since the first two examples are a little more sporadic, we’ll just have to put those posts on hold and stick with the delicious grub I've had at many a Dishcrawl event. Not sure if dishcrawl is for you? Riddle me this…

Do you like experiences like al fresco dining? Do you like to arrive at that outdoor table to find it covered in charcuterie? Then dishcrawl is for you.
Charcuterie at Pelagia
Do you like to sample dishes at some of the hottest restaurants in Tampa without having to go to the back to wash dishes? Then dishcrawl is for you.
A Sample of Pelagia's Wonderful Food
Sautéed Veal with Porcini Mushrooms and Truffle Cream Sauce
Grilled Pear and Watercress Salad
Housemade Cavatelli Pasta
Do you like to sit around beautiful men and women stuffing their faces and guzzling wine without a care in the world? Then dishcrawl is for you.
This upcoming Tuesday, Dishcrawl Tampa will travel the culinary landmine of Downtown Tampa. You can look forward to a stop at the new restaurant Anise Global Gastrobar, and if charcuterie, saving money, and new friends can’t tempt you, how about some red curry wings, truffled tater tots, and Chinese BBQ Pork stinky buns?

Clearly, you should got to the Dishcrawl website and buy your ticket for July 16th crawl using the promo code ‘anise’ for $5 off. Make sure to arrive at 6:45 so we can enjoy a cocktail together before happy hour ends!

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  1. I am so sad I missed this dishcrawl! I knew International Plaza would be an amazing experience.