Monday, May 20, 2013

Life is Full of Surprises: Not Surprising, Oystercatchers is Extremely Yummy

Life can bring you all sorts of surprises. Surprise! Someone backed into your car while you were in the grocery store. Surprise! That cute guy from OkCupid is really an 80-year-old with a foot fetish. Surprise! You were just crotch punched by Miguel live on the billboard awards. (below)

What else is surprising? Well, besides that fact that this is the way I chose to open my review of Oystercatchers, nothing. Nothing is surprising about the deliciousness I encountered there. Well, maybe we can stretch our imaginations. Sure, there were no crotches flying at my face, and I left pleasantly without a dent in my car (thanks valet guy!), but I did have a bowl of crème brulee to end my meal. Yes. A bowl. Gasp!
A meal at Oystercatchers must be had on their bay view patio, because while the fact that waterside sunsets are absolutely breathtaking is not a surprise, it is surprising that is isn’t too hard to get a table on this beautiful deck on a weeknight at 7 pm. It’s part of the Hyatt, for goodness sakes.
Enjoy being greeted by fluffy sourdough bread with accompanying unsalted butter and potent, grey sea salt. Surprise yourself with how quickly you can devour all of that bread, despite your low-carb diet.
Drink wine… Realize that there is nothing surprising about this, because you are an alcoholic. Bleh.
Have some ridiculously fresh mussels, remark on how surprisingly large they are: "These mussels are bigger than the roided out freak at the gyms." Can you say 'compensation'?
Mediterranean Mussel Saute
Have some corn and crab bisque. Find their unique take surprisingly refreshing!
Corn and Crab Bisque
Order a delicious entree. Be astounded by the freshness of the fish and the simple, gustatory bliss provided by their humble accompaniments.
Gulf Snapper
Pan Seared Scallops Romesco
Finally, order a mound of chocolate for dessert and be surprised by how much better it makes you feel than your boyfriend. (I’m surprised I just said that!)

Share that, and a bowl of crème brulee, with your surprisingly young-looking mother (insert whistle)
See, even the most promising dining experience can hold some surprises; you just have to find them. Go to Oystercatchers. Find your own surprises. Perhaps you’ll just be surprised by how accurate my review is…
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  1. LOVE this post! Your photos are drool-worthy and you are too funny! Maybe I can convince my other half to take me on a date to Oystercatchers soon!

  2. You had me cracking up with this post Blaire! Photos are awesome. I still need to go here for brunch!