Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Traveling the World in One Evening: Anise Global Gastrobar

It’s not often that a restaurant asks you to take a seat and travel the world. Most prefer you stay firmly planted in the soil of their country of choice; Anise Global Gastrobar is not one of these restaurants. While there is nothing wrong with giving into cravings for a particular country’s beautifully rendered edible offerings, Anise asks that you open your eyes not to a country, but to the world.
Dabble in the art of dressing soft, supple Korean steamed buns with fresh ingredients, all transformed by techniques from French to Southern cooking. Entertain yourself devouring a tower of pork resting stoically atop a delicious Venezuelan arepa. Induce heart palpitations with the mouth-watering promise of chicken wings doused in delicious, Indian curry sauce. And do all of this while drinking a masterfully designed cocktail from Florida mixologist, Rohit Patel, whose drinks can be awed or sipped at other Tampa staples, such as Fly Bar & Restaurant.

I’m already planning my next visit to Anise. Here are a few photographs and descriptions that will have you joining me:

Sangre “The Blackbird” – white wine sangria with wonderful pairings of elderflower, peach, and blackberry
Old Fashioned Old Fashioned – no muss, no fuss, just a delicious old fashioned made with woodford reserve
May I present to you, a staple at any Hurt culinary brainchild, the stinky bun.
Braised Pork Belly Stinky Bun – the food truck inspired Korean dish with spicy kimchi evokes three words: hook, line, and sinker
Red Curried Crispy Chicken Stinky Bun – the flavors of India and the techniques of the south combine for this comforting bun
Chinese BBQ Pork Stinky Bun – pickled radish adds an edge to this yummy bun, filled with the flavors of the East
Truffled Tator Tots Рserved with a lemon parsley cr̬me fraiche, these nibbles are an approachable take on a modern delicacy
Grilled Shrimp Tacos – sriracha candied bacon (YES!), papaya slaw, and ginger aioli make for an inventive take on a classic
Duck Confit Tacos – beautiful duck confit, dripping with fat and topped with pickled daikon radish, fresh jalapeno, and hoisin bbq (Note: I practically went into convulsions when I ate this taco, if there is anything you have to have at Anise, for me, it is this dish!)
Roast Pork Stack – fluffy jalapeno and mozzarella arepas, topped with jicama and napa slaw and roasted pork
Roast Veggie Panini – for the vegetarians, vegetable lovers, and goat cheese fanatics out there, take on this yummy sandwich
Roasted Beet Salad – roasted chicken breast resting atop a bed of spicy arugula, spinach, goat cheese, toasted pine nuts, and a tangy grapefruit vinaigrette
Thai Donuts – fluffy donuts, covered in roasted peanuts and covered in sticky, sweetened condensed milk
I'd ike to give a special thanks to my friends, Elizabeth, Jose, and Andrea for joining me on this 'trip'. It's the people who will share their food with you that you should keep around; I've found a few keepers. 
There isn't much left to say to convince you that Anise should be added to your 'must-eat' list. Thank you, Kevin and Xuan Hurt, for this wonderful addition to the Tampa food scene!

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  1. Oh wow - everything looks delicious...but I need some of those stinky buns in my life!